Vanish, Our ArtProjects, Urbanscapes, Kuala Lumpur 2018

OUR ArtProjects proudly presents a site-specific installation by Saiful Razman for The Zhongshan Building Weekender in conjunction with Urbanscapes 2018. Using cotton fabrics, threads, paper, and gauze, Vanish captures Razman’s desire to recreate the experience of looking at a landscape or a horizon. A study of lines and disappearance, the installation consists of panels that are created using these thin, translucent, and fine textures.

In tandem with #ReimagineKL, the theme of Urbanscapes 2018, Razman imagines a new Kuala Lumpur without any traffic; it is a city with clean rivers, mountains, hills, and trees, but all in black and white. In Vanish, he hopes to create the harmony of this imagined city, in its abstract form, as an installation where light can penetrate and interweave with its surface.

Razman’s current work continues his experimentation with collage techniques to create unique surfaces. He skilfully manipulates these delicate materials to create a playful installation that is visually fragile but structurally sturdy. He is drawn to medical gauze because of its durability and malleability, and to toilet paper because of its character as a humble household product. Instead of drawing on the surface, the cotton fabric and threads are glued on the panels. © Our ArtProjects