Ereksi Jeneral, Richard Koh Fine Art 2012

Men fight wars over lust. Ereksi Jeneral attempts to comprehend these phallic desires of men to be on top of everything. These series of paintings and silkscreen prints are attempts to take a critical view of the social, political and cultural issues surrounding men and his lusts.

All these works are produced exclusively for this show, with each edition with its own story to tell. This subject matter isn’t alien to me, having engaged in subjects as diverse as the counterculture movement and rock music, these new works are representations of familiar visual signs as fresh pieces.

3 oil paintings, the analogy of Ahmad Fucks Ahmad, I chose to paint these series in three different colours – red, blue and green - each representing the major political parties that unite and divide the Malays. The pieces, separated only by colours, encapsulate the love triangle between three “Ahmads” – with each stroke forms each Ahmad’s attempt to be reclusive within his own stripes yet at the same time wanting to be with each other.

I visualized these images while I tried to understand and accept the current state of affairs in our nation. Driven by the lust for power, all three Ahmads will do anything to screw each other in an orgy of power.

Mat Blue, 2012
Oil on canvas, 183 x 183 cm

Mat Hijau, 2012
Oil on canvas, 183 x 183 cm

Mat Merah, 2012
Oil on canvas, 183 x 183 cm

Kendur, 2012
Oil on jute

The Pelan Cap silkscreen prints series are where dark humour and social commentary are mixed together in the form of images and portraits that appear to represent the ever-insatiable lust of men.

The Pelan Cap Baru 2012 series are the sequel to the older series a few years back, silk-screened on t-shirts. The masturbatory play of words, "pelan" and "cap" ("plan" and "brand") combined to form the noun of self-love and produced in this series to represent men's endless lust for power, identity, beauty, fame, sex or validation.

Pelan Cap Baharu, 2012
Silkscreen on canvas
Edition of 3 & 2 a.p